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Oftentimes people are interested to know “What’s your style?  Your genre?  How do you come up with creative ideas?”  Truth be told, the notion of “PREscribed style” is off my radar.  As I see it, creative design -  like personal beauty is natural; and what may be perceived as imperfection to some, is the unique perfection that comes from individual expression of beauty.

Organic, free-form and inspired by simplicity, MOREAU Designs handcrafted jewelry and gifts celebrate that one-of-a-kind unique beauty inherent in nature.

Crystal and gemstones offer mountains of earthy colors which are said to resonate energy like love, wisdom and harmony.  The unique patterns and shapes inspire creativity.


A Celebration of Divine Beauty


(En Espanol :  Escrito Dios)



love walk near my grave book


Wood beads & sterling

Earrings $7.00

Natural Color


Sky blue compliment.

Sets $14.00

Moreau Designs

Simple Beauty

There's nothing on earth that can replicate the beauty of water with its natural inclination toward sky blue, heavenly green, gorgeous gray.  My travels have afforded magical opportunity to experience the wonderment of waterfalls.  A glorious expression of nature, I found the beauty electrifying and almost without words, motivating my publication “God’s Handwriting:  A Celebration of Divine Inspiration” a pictorial devoted to the  awe-inspiring, amazing, one-of-kind beauty of waterfalls.

I’m of the belief that at some time or another, everyone incorporates the beauty of nature into something creative.  Whether through heartwarming meals shared with family and friends, or in our creative ideas at work in teaching, medicine, law, science, technology, architecture, art, dance, music, painting, or writing.

Organic, free-form craft inspired by nature’s beauty and the never-ending palette of color, MOREAU Designs are a natural choice for that perfect “one-of-a-kind” gift for yourself or someone you appreciate.


of color

handcrafted jewelry & gifts


Earthly tourquoise, crystal peridot

Bracelets $20.00