MOREAU Designs

I  have been alone under the sky when suddenly I was one with all the beauty and wonder and glory of the world. 
The sky was not high enough, the horizons were not wide enough to hold my heart.”  Dillet Freeman

Organic, free-form and inspired by simplicity , MOREAU Designs handmade greetings cards and handcrafted jewelry celebrate that one-of-a-kind unique beauty inherent in nature.

My handcrafted designs are rooted in appreciation of colors, patterns and shapes changing seasons ;of spring giving way to summer, then fall and winter.

Travel has afforded the opportunity to experience the wonderment of spectacular waterfalls. A glorious expression of nature, I found the beauty energizing and almost without words, thereby motivating the publication of "God’s Handwriting:  A Celebration of Divine Inspiration” - a pictorial devoted to awe-inspiring, amazing, one-of-kind beauty of waterfalls.

In fact, I believe everyone incorporates the beauty of nature into something creative.  Whether through heartwarming meals shared with family and friends, or in our creative ideas at work in teaching, medicine, law, science, technology, architecture, art, dance, music, painting, or writing.

Organic, free-form, inspired by nature's beauty MOREAU Designs

are perfect “one-of-a-kind” gifts.

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